Con Ganas Mija supports its community of women owned business in South Texas and beyond by offering customers/subscribers a meaningful product experience and empowering them to support local, small and women owned businesses. Con Ganas Mija provides quality products in form of a subscription box, and aims to increase and build brand awareness for our vendors. 


Some of you may know me - For those who don't, I'm so happy you're here!

Me llamo Natalie @itsnatigarza. I'm your friendly neighborhood marketer, nerd (as seen by my Harry Potter shirt #HouseSlytherin), fried chicken hustler, and hypewoman. I'm from el #956, the only place a goat could wander onto your high school campus. It just so happens a donkey also wandered into my yard where I grew up. No me sacan de Western Road. I'm a proud La Joya HS Alum and UTPA Alum. I have a Bachelors in Business, and a Masters in Public Administration.

I'm also a proud small business owner that goes by Con Ganas Mija. I support local small women owned businesses by featuring them in my subscription box.

Its no secret I thoroughly enjoy hyping the women around me up, but I never felt comfortable hyping myself up because modesty, right? Well that's over and here I am tooting my own horn because I deserve it. So do you. Here's to all the mijas that came before me, and to those we inspire today to change tomorrow.